Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burner Gas Stove
Price: Starting From ₹4,170/-
(Price Last Updated On April 24, 2020)
Rating By Best Gas Stoves: 4 Stars
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Prestige has always been a brand of trust and the Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burner gas stove is nothing short than a masterpiece. For our lone kitchens where utensils make their noises, bringing home an all-new Prestige Marvel Plus GTM 03L gas stove can be one of the best ever things you can do.
Why? That’s what we will be unwrapping in this review of Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burners. So, without wasting any time, lets first take a look at its specifications later onwards moving towards the feature section.

Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burner Gas Stove Specifications

No. of Burners 3
Finish Glass Top
Burner Material Brass
Color Black
Ignition System Manual
Body Material Aluminium
Taking a look at the above table of specifications, the Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burner top gas stove does a solid job. Its plus word definitely signifies some additional things which we will uncover in the later part of this review.
On the other hand, the body material is made up of a combination of glass and stainless steel making this gas stove look attractive.
Finally, to let you know about the Prestige Marvel 3 Burner gas stove price and features, let’s take a leap ahead and discover those essential things.

Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burner Gas Stove Features

  • Spill-Proof Design
  • High Efficiency Tri-Pin Burners
  • Ergonomically Designed Knobs
  • Toughened Shatter Proof Black Glass Top
  • Pan Support
First and foremost, the prestige marvel plus 3 burner gas stove meets the daily demands of a busy lifestyle.
It comes with a combination of three burners which can make you prepare multiple dishes at the same time. No hustle, no worries and cooking food gets pretty easy on the Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burner.
The burner stands are made to prevent spilling of foods right on the sub-top section. This makes it super easy to clean and keeps the stove away from dirt and strains.
Visualizing the top spot will make you realize the real beauty of the Prestige Marvel Plus GTM 03L gas stove. It has got an elegant black finish which can help your kitchen look more appealing. Surely to complement your kitchen’s interior, you got to have the Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burner gas stove.
Stylish of this stove never goes out of fashion as its knob adds in beauty to the whole gas stove. The aluminum body makes this gas stove shatterproof and even protects the stove from corrosion and strains.
Now, that you have caught a glimpse of the Prestige Marvel Plus Glass 3 Burner gas stove, let us go a little deep. And, together unwrap each feature in detail.

Spill-Proof Design

The Prestige marvel plus 3 burner gas stove is designed for a trouble-free & spill-resistant cooking. It maintains a good hygiene whereas the foods don’t spill out of the utensils and you can cook it with great ease and comfort.

Availability of Tri-Pin Burners

For a busy lifestyle, the availability of tri-pin burners is a necessity. It makes cooking highly efficient and gives reliable performance all around cooking. In addition, you can cook your foods at a faster pace with the help of Tri-Pin Burners on the Prestige Marvel Plus GTM 03L gas stove.

Knob: Ergonomically Designed

The knobs are smooth functioning which gives accurate measurements to control the flame fire. Each time the knob is twisted, you can adjust the flame based on your needs and demands. It is sturdy and the smoother grip makes it easier for your fingers to turn the gas stove on and off.

Shatterproof Black Glass Top

The upper part of the Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burner gas stove is made up of a shatterproof glass.
It helps in resisting the gas stove from scratches and can even withstand heavy breakage. The glass material used is tough and even if the gas stove is drawn to extreme durability tests, it will definitely pass with flying colors.

Pan Support Available

To offer stability and support to pans, the Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burners has got a pan support right on the desk. It offers great stability whereas the different type of pans can be used for cooking purpose. Other than that, you can even use it for cooking foods in other utensils and no issue will arise in any case.

Elegant Design

From the first look, the design of the Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burner Gas Stove looks quite appealing. It has got black color covered all around the body and the combination of stainless steel completes the package.

Prestige marvel plus 3 burner gas stove is easy to Clean

It has got a glass front on the top which makes this gas stove, easier to clean. Despite the accumulating up of strains, you can use a wet cloth and wiping away the strains can make your gas stove look new, all over again.

Warranty: 2 Years

In case of any defect in the product, the company Prestige has given a massive 2-year warranty to its customers. Be it any physical defect or an internal one, their team of professionals can repair or even exchange your gas stove in extreme cases.
Make sure that the warranty is manufacturer one and Prestige company is responsible to repair your gas stove.

Buy Prestige Marvel Plus Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

The pricing of the Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burner gas stove is kept at Rs. 4,800. When we compare it with other brands, the pricing is justified seeing this gas stove features.
Summing everything up, the Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burner gas stove justify every single penny. Its attractive design, ergonomically designed knobs, tri-pin burner and tons of other features simply make this gas stove, a must buy option.
Other than that, even the pricing is on the lower side and having a warranty of 2 years, nothing much has to be said. It’s a complete solution to your cooking problems which can enhance your cooking experience, to some really good extents.