Portable Gas Stove in India

Portable Gas Stove in India
No picnic or outdoor outing is complete without a portable gas stove. If you are a nature lover and long-distance hiking is a regular phenomenon with you. Then having a portable gas stove is something that must be there in your camping gear. Now it’s natural that we are living in 2020 and would not be using logs and wood for cooking while outdoors.
People still do that by the way. However, we all have seen the reports of huge forest fires, thats one of the evils of using wood as cooking fuel. Portable gas stoves protect us from such mishaps as the fire is very well contained. It’s also pretty safe and light to transport them.

Who Should Buy A Portable Gas Stove In India

If you are an upwardly mobile guy, who loves to explore the land, then you should consider buying a portable gas stove in India. Buying a portable gas stove is recommended for
  • Bikers
  • Hikers
  • Off-Site Workers
  • Wild-life photographers
  • Campers

Which are the best portable gas stoves in India 2020 that one can buy online?

We are a team of mountain hikers and dwellers ourselves. We love to bike around and live in remote places. The portable gas stoves that we are recommending below are based on our personal experience. Keeping the utility and durability of the situation on top priority.

1. Coleman Stainless-Steel Campingaz Camp Bistro Camping Stove

The Coleman stainless steel portable gas stove is your companion for a life full of peace outdoors. This product is versatile enough to meet the stringent of the cooking requirements. Comes with a safety feature and safe installation of a butane cylinder. The best part is the ease of carrying it around. Since it’s made up of stainless steel hence damage by nature is also pretty less.

Coleman Stainless-Steel Campingaz Camp Bistro Camping Stove

Why you should buy it?

  • Piezo Ignition: Ignites in a second no matter how bad the weather is or what the temperature is.
  • Flame Adjustment: You can adjust the flame to suit your needs.
  • Pan Support: Enamel coated: You get more stability while cooking.
  • Safety: Comes with a gas safety lock.
There are 100’s of positive reviews online for this product. Buying one will surely benefit you.

2. Divinext Ultra-light Small Volume Round Folding Camping Butane Gas Stove Burner with Storage Bag

You would love the design and the utility of this portable gas stove. If you are planning to travel to a place that usually windy then this is the best portable gas stove in India that you can buy in 2020. Its louver design of burner provides greater flame stability.

Divinext Ultra-light Small Volume Round Folding Camping Butane Gas Stove

Why You Should Buy It?

  • Wind Proof: Perhaps the biggest plus point with this portable gas stove is that it is windproof, we don’t have to worry about anything disturbing our peace here.
  • Fuel: Butane is the fuel that powers this portable gas stove. You can carry multiple cans for a long serviceable life.
  • Comes with a warranty: This product has a suitable warranty attached to it. Hence there are no issues with after sales service.
  • Efficient Burner: Just takes 3 minutes to boil a liter of water.
  • Flame Adjuster: Comes with a good flame adjustment system, helps to save fuel.
We really loved the way this portable gas stove works in windy conditions. If you are planning a trip to Leh or someplace similar then this is the best portable gas stove to buy.

3. ADD GEAR Portable Camping Gas Stove for Butane Stainless Steel

If minimal is your thing then this is the best portable gas stove in India that you can buy. We love it for its simple design and high ranking on utility. It is a bare-bones portable gas stove and comes with no frills. It’s like nature itself. Since its bare-bones then maintaining it is very easy. Its compact design also makes it the best portable gas stove to carry around. It is lightweight and highly efficient.

ADD GEAR Portable Camping Gas Stove for Butane Stainless Steel

Why You Should Buy It?

  • Portable, Lightweight, Camping Stove head
  • Stainless Steel construction for durability
  • Compatible with Screw type Butane Gas Canisters
  • Perfect for Hiking, Camping, Traveling
  • Comes with its own carrying pouch
This portable gas stove is compatible with screw-type butane gas cylinders that are pretty easy and cheap to buy online. There are no service issues with it too.

4. Flamingold Stainless Steel Burner Gas Stove

This is the best portable gas stove in India for those who love to travel with their own mini camping vehicle. It is also suited for home use. This is a single burner portable gas stove that is robustly built. Although you would need to get a proper carrying case and a mini LPG cylinder for getting the best out of this product. But trust in one thing, you can cook proper meals on this portable single burner gas stove. The built quality is really good and there is nothing to worry about seriously here.

Why one should buy it?

  • Stainless steel body: It increases the overall strength of the product. All the leakage tests are followed to ensure premium quality.
  • Low Gas Consumption – Brass Burner provides Superior Heat Retention and they can Distribute Heat more evenly
  • Gas Inlet and Usage – Gas Inlet is on the Right Side of the Stove. Customers are Satisfied as Cooking in Kitchen is a Great Experience with Burners having Responsive Knob to Give Stable Flame from Sim to On
  • High Thermal Efficiency
Mind you this is a fully functional and properly built gas stove. Long and satisfying operational life is something that comes as a default with this gas stove.

5. Cloudberry Gas Grill Indoor Smokeless Barbeque Non-Stick Coating Grill Multi-Functional with Portable Stove

Whats outdoor living without some grilled food. This marvelous product by cloudberry is everything that your heart could desire. It comes with a non-stick cooktop that makes outdoor grilling a breeze. This also happens to be a windproof portable gas stove. So let the entire forest know that you are grilling some good stuff.

Cloudberry Gas Grill Indoor Smokeless Barbeque Non-Stick Coating Grill

Why One Should Buy It?

  • Best for grilling and cooking
  • Windproof – enjoy the gusts of air while you cook.
  • Good built quality: Will last a lifetime
  • Lightweight: very easy to carry around
  • Comes with a good warranty and after-sales service

You should buy this portable gas stove/gas grill if you love to have a product that is portable as well as durable. We have seen 100’s of positive reviews for this product.

End Note

Portable gas stoves are really a boon for the upwardly mobile. If you love living in the outdoors and need that thrill of adventure then buying yourself this gas stove will surely help you get some more juice out of life. You have to live well in the end.