Hobs are beauties. This is one category of kitchen appliances that allures and bewitches the best of us and all for the right reasons. Having said that there is an ocean of hobs that are listed online for sales. We were amazed to see the staggering numbers too. The product research team at the Best Gas Stoves put their intellectual fishing net in this ocean and fished for the 50 trending hobs. We soon realized that only 10 of them are worthy of our readers attention and would compliment your modular kitchen perfectly. Hence our top pick for the best hob in India is Glen 1074 SQ, coming close to it in terms of value and utility is our runners up, Bosch Built in Gas HOB POH6B6B10I. Both these models have passed our grilling testing process and fit perfectly well in the affordability, safety, ergonomics and economy parameters. We also kept in mind the needs of modern kitchens while researching for the best hobs in India.

Our Pick

Glen 1074 SQ 4 Burner Built in Glass Hob Double Brass Burners

The Best Hob in India

Slim, Well placed burners and aced our tests. No flipside, best for every kitchen.

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Glen 1074 Q was tested on our standard 100 hour test. It fared pretty well. The design is slim and futuristic and this sort of design finesse is generally found in imported hobs, particularly from Italy. On a professional note we really loved the burner and the knob placements on this model. You would get ample space to work around. One thing we would mention here. You can only place 2 big utensils, as two burners are far away from each other, and one small utensil. So, if you are a space freak then this hob might not be of your liking.

However, leaving that apart, this hob comes with integrated electronic ignition that runs on AC. You don’t have to worry about the batteries running out as it plugs into your domestic power supply. In general the safety features on this one are also amazing. The only flip side is the smaller burners being too close to each other, this issue is not found in our runners up pick Bosch Built in Gas Hob. However, this would not be a deal breaker for many and if the only reason you don’t like our top pick is the burner placement, then feel free to explore our runners up model.


Bosch Built in Gas HOB POH6B6B10I

Best Hob for Wok Cooking

Works like wonder for wok cooking – Handles large utensils with ease. Robust built.

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Bosch Hob made it to our runners up list because of its price, if we leave that aside then it actually would beat even our top pick in certain areas. As we just saw that our Top Pick has two burners very closely spaced, this issue is absent in Bosch Hob. It has 4 good quality and very well-placed burners. Perfect for wok cooking, the manufacturer has even defined the power ratings of the burners in case you are a cooking freak like us. The auto-ignition feature of this hob is also pretty much ahead of the times. 

Knobs are placed on the right-hand side and are vertical in approach, something that gave us a mixed feeling about it. We would have preferred them to be in a horizontal format, however that is ok and it does not hamper the functionality in any way. This model too passed our testing phase with flying colors and works well with Indian cooking styles.

Budget Pick

iBELL 590GH Hob

Best Budget Hob in India

On a short budget, pick this hob. Affordable option with premium feel. Comes with great warranty.

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This hob comes with a 5-year warranty, that is something you would not find in any budget hob. It is priced adequately and is rich in feel and features. If you ask us, it does not feel like a budget hob anyways. The feel is very premium and the built quality is good unlike other kitchen hobs that you might stumble upon online.

The only flip side we can see is that the burners are too closely spaced. Practically speaking, you just cannot use all the burner at the same time if you are using medium sized utensils. That is something we didn’t like. On the technical aspects, it passed our tests with flying colors. So, if you are on a budget and can’t afford to shell out some big bucks, then this hob is the top choice for you. Perfect for Indian cooking conditions, give it a try you might love it.

To be honest, in this price range there are no better options out there for you. For a budget hob, iBell 590GH surely left us impressed. This is the best hob price in India that you can get online.

10 Best Hobs in India - 2021

Our product testing team had initially selected 50 hobs for the first round of screening, and we went ahead with the reviewing process, however on a closer look, we came into the elimination process and had 10 top and trending hobs listed for final rounds of testing. What you see below is the list of the hobs that made it to our top 10 list. Our research shows that these 10 are perfect for every kind of Indian household. Just explore the top 10 kitchen hobs in India, and make the right purchase decision. 

The above cited list shows our Top 10 picks for the best hobs in India that you can get your hands on from the marketplaces. The list would also give you some idea about the best hob brands in India too.  Now let’s explore these hobs more.

1. Glen 1074 SQ 4 Burner Built in Glass Hob Double Brass Burners

This is undoubtedly the best hob that would suit every buyer for sure. It has passed our tests with flying colors and aced at everything we threw at it. That’s why it is our top pick for hobs in India.

It is affordable and comes with great after sales service too. There is nothing that would make you shun this product. If you trust us then you would go for it with your eyes closed.

2. Bosch Built in Gas HOB POH6B6B10I

This is our runners up hob, the only reason it is here and not in the top slot is the price point which we found to be a bit on the higher side. However, that should not be a deal breaker here as Bosch is a premium brand and provides benefits beyond what is tangible.

The burner placements and the ignition system all are top notch as you would expect from a German brand. We really loved it and we are sure you would love it too. Comes with great warranty and after sales service too.

3. iBELL 590GH Hob

This is our budget pick and in no way, it feels and works like a budget hob. Great thought has been put in while designing this hob, the burner and the knob placements are perfect.

Comes with an astounding 5 year overall warranty, that is something one would only expect from premium and higher priced hobs. However, iBELL is providing it in this budget hob, that is something to rejoice. Yeah! It comes with burners that are equivalent to triple ring burners in terms of efficiency.

4. Kaff CRH 603 Built in Hob

This is a 3 burner hob from Kaff, it passed all our tests with flying colors. If you are a little short on space then this is the hob that you should buy for sure. It fits snuggly and works well. It is one of those rare kitchen hobs that has been designed keeping the cramped kitchen spaces that most of us in the metros are used to.

We have tested the internal tubing on this one, everything is A-grade and this hob is safe to use and easy to maintain. You can seriously consider this hob for your home.

5. Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

This is yet another affordable and reliable kitchen hobs that can adorn your kitchen. Comes loaded with modern features, passed our tests perfectly and is not that costly too.

This is a 4 burner hob, at this price point (which we feel is slightly on the higher side) it does provide a great value, lowering the price by a few hundred rupees would be better, well that's a  decision that the brand has to make, as we know that they have a wide range of kitchen hobs in their portfolio and swift price changes will be a little hard to tackle.

6. Bosch Boach 4 Zone IND.HOB

If you are a futuristic guy, then this is the hob that you should go for. This is a superbly engineered induction hobtop and it really impressed us. There is nothing that you can do on a gas hob that you cannot do on this model. The burners on this one are nothing like your standard burners that you might have experienced with your cooktops.

Electricity/Power supply being still an issue in India is the only flipside we could think of. If you live in an area where power is cheap and in regular supply like North Eastern states of India, then we suggest you buy this hob asap.

7. Prestige Hob Schott Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove

If you love looks and functionality, then Prestige Hob 4 burner is the model to go for. It has chrome and black finish with knobs placed vertically to the right side of the hob top. This model passed all our tests perfectly. 

On a biased note, we really think that on looks part there is no other hob top in India that can match this model. Then again, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Comes with a flame failure safety device. Comes with a toughened glass body.

8. Faber Hob 3 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Glass Top

If you are looking for a pocket wonder, then this is the hob that will really blow your feet away. It is small yet the burner placement and the knob placement is perfect. Best suited for small apartment kitchens.

The after sales service is great too, there is nothing that we could actually pinpoint as a flip side with this little wonder, heck it comes with auto-ignition with a flame failure safety device. What more you can ask for! 

9. Glen 1063 SQ Glass 3 Burner Auto Ignition Built in Hob

This is our top choice for 3 burner hobs in India. The size is compact, something you would surely be expecting from a 3 burner hob, comes with a good ignition system too. We also loved its stylish design.

Considering the built quality of the main body and the toughened glass the price is also within the affordable range. We loved the gas valve, it has a feature which keeps your sim setting going even if there is a gust of wind coming in your kitchen.

10. Elica Hobtop 4 Burner Auto Ignition

This hob is listed here because it passed all our technical and safety tests perfectly. Honestly, we didn’t like the burner placement even a bit. Burners are too closely placed. It is fine if you are into continental cooking, however for Indian cooking burners could have placed more wisely.

We loved the matt black finish and the overall build of the hob for sure. If burner placement is not an issue with you, then without any second thoughts you should buy it. We give credence to the burner placement over types of burners as cooking is more about joy rather than technicalities. Yes this one also has a good toughened glass body. 

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

Here is how we tested the best hobs in India. This is important as it would help our readers understand how serious we are about feeding the right information to them.

Why You Should Trust Us

You should trust us because we have a passion for gas stoves and hobs. Move around our website and google us out, you would know that we have been around here for something and have a demonstrated track record of helping people select the right gas stove.

We have in-house gas stove consultants that are technical guys, online researchers and home chefs. These are the people who face the culinary challenges day in and day out and wish to add some relief to millions of home chefs of India.

For this review post our product researcher Avinash & Varun has put close to 100 plus hours in just selecting the right products. The total research and production time, including testing of products, took them close to 1000 hours of work. That’s a lot to put in for a single review post, don’t you think. Not for us. Our intent here is to provide our readers with the best gas stove buying guides in India. That’s what our passion is and that’s what we do.

Who This Is For

This post is targeted to people either upgrading to a hob or are first time buyers roaming in the dark. See, hobs are not your traditional gas stoves and usually come with automatic ignition. They are not plug in play in nature and often are difficult to maintain if installed or bought without proper guidance.

Our social researchers Richa and Prateek, found that most of the buyers buying hobs without guidance often regret their decision. Mind you the number of such buyers runs in thousands. This was motivation enough for us to make a specific review and recommendation article aimed directly at those planning to buy a hob. So, if you are planning to buy a hob then this is for you. We have considered prominent brands like Elica hob, Glen hob and many others in our post. We have also made it a point that vital parameters like well sized burners (Italian burners,  heavy brass burners, aluminum burners, etc.), internal tubing's, flame failure device, flame control technology, toughened glass body and other advanced features along. If you are looking for a free-standing body type hob then sorry to say we haven't covered much on that part in this post. 

How We Picked

For this post in particular we had the following criterion for product selection:

  • Price: Yes money still matters so while selecting a hob we only included hob sets that fall within affordable range for that would suit most of the buyers. Our research showed that most of the hob buyers in India love to shop for hobs that are below 20k range.
  • Ease of installation: We know that most of the unguided buyers faced issues with installation. Hobs do require complex professional installation depending on the hob type. So, we decided to pick hobs that have great service records as far as professional installation is concerned. The idea here is to have a hob that meets the wide range of Indian cooking requirements with ease. 
  • Ignition systems: Not all ignition systems are worthy, we selected hobs that have excellent auto-ignition systems. We know that hob ignition systems are at their premium in marketplaces, but some hobs were more attractive with their auto-ignition system than others. The reason being the type of auto-ignition system that hob has. So, that became one of the criteria for picking the right hob for you.
  • Ease of cleaning: Cleaning hobs has been an issue, so we have selected the ones which we found have the best ease of cleaning. Ease of cleaning does contribute towards the overall cooking experience of the hob.
  • Type of top: Quality and type of glass used for making the top matters, in general there are 3 to 4  terms prevalent here and those are heat resistant glass, toughened glass and Schott glass and tempered glass. We have kept a mix of all types here to deliver justice to the review efforts. Glass tops also contributed massively to the overall aesthetic designs of the hobs, so giving them due respect is vital. 
  • Temperature Control: Induction hobs are the future but, it will take some time before people start buying them fervently. Now temperature control is only possible with the induction hob. Although not many good models are available in the online marketplaces, still we included the best ones that are listed online in India.
  • Reputation: We know that hob users are prone to search online before making their purchase decision. Mere online search can often mislead the buyers, that’s why we picked only the brands that have an impeccably clean reputation.
  • Construction: We decided to pick the hobs with sturdy construction because we believe that the hob should last long enough to give the buyer complete bang for their buck. The hobs should also gel well with other elements of the kitchen like kitchen chimney and table tops. We have tried our best to include only those models that sync well with leading chimney brands of the country. 

Final Verdict

If you want to own and use the best hob in India then go for our top pick Glen 1074 SQ 4 Burner. It has passed and scored the most in our grilling testing process.

Our top pick does have a burner spacing issue, if you find that an area of concern then go with Bosch Built in Gas HOB POH6B6B10I. This will suit you more.

In case you are a little short on cash, yet need a powerful and effective hob then go with our budget pick iBell Hob.

If you still have doubts then just pick anyone that meets your criterion from our top 10 list, we are sure you would experience bliss.


The questions that you might probably be asking! 

Which one is better brass or aluminum burners? 

Burners type is always a cause of concern for most of the hob buyers. There are so many terms involved that is natural to get confused. Things like Italian burners, large sized burner, high-quality brass burners are a common sight. Well let us tell our readers one thing here, brass burners are the best ones, they ensure uniform heat and are the ideal choice for every kitchen. Brass burners are also essential component of high-quality products in the gas stove world. So keep that in mind, no matter which one you buy or what your  cooking needs are based on the family size, brass burners are the way to go. 

Is Bosch Hob good? 

Yes, in fact they are one of the best ones that you can buy. All of them come with more than 1-year warranty. These hobs are very technologically advanced and come with a host of exciting features. They also use very high quality tempered glass in their hobs. Suits every kitchen space and has a few freestanding cooktop type hobs also. Comes in both matt and glossy finish and have a good system for connecting with the gas cylinder. Most of them have anti-leak technology and keep the house safe from gas leaks.