Best Gas Pipes You Can Buy Online in India – 2020

Best Gas Pipes
It’s the nature of humans to ignore the small things. But the fact is that small thing does matter and in the case of a gas stove ignoring small details can have lethal consequences. Most of the kitchen fires that are due to gas stoves have their origins in the gas pipe or the LPG hose.
Clubbing the safest of the gas stoves with an unbranded LPG hose is a sure shot way to disaster. Kitchen gas is highly flammable and you must take all the safety precautions.

What Should A Good LPG - Gas Pipe Have?

A good LPG Gas pipe or for that matter PNG pipe should essentially be ISI mark. One thing we would like to tell you all here. There is no difference in the gas pipe used with LPG or PNG. The rubber tubing is the same. It should be reinforced with steel wires to make it even more durable and safe. Most of the pipes are greatly fire resistant and don’t leak easily.
Well, these are the points that you must keep in mind. If you follow our article then you don’t have to worry about anything. We have compiled the list of the safest and the best gas pipes below that you can buy online.

A Word Of Caution

Gas pipes should always be installed by professionals. You can do it yourself, but then again you might miss on the minor safety details. It’s best to call your gas agency and ask them to install it for you.

Best LPG Gas Pipes In India -2020

Our deep research has narrowed down to the following gas pipes. These have been used by 1000’s households in India and there have been no complaints so far.

1. Prestige LPG Hose

This is a flex LPG hose, which means you can use it with LPG heaters along with gas stoves. It is really safe and has the best manufacturing quality.

Prestige LPG Hose

The pipe is steel reinforced and has a good amount of grip. Your kitchen safety is ensured with this pipe.

Key Features

  • Steel Reenforced
  • Strong Grip
  • Fire Resistant
  • Very easy to clean
  • Heat Resistant

2. Pigeon Steel Wire Reinforced LPG Hose

This is a high grip, reinforced gas pipe. Provides your kitchen with ultimate fire safety and really long service life. It has the trust of thousands of Indian kitchens to back up its credibility.

Pigeon Steel Wire Reinforced LPG Hose

The best part about this gas pipe is that it is rat and rodent resistant. That is something unique to this brand of gas pipe.

Key Features

  • Rodent Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Good Serviceable Life
  • 1.5 Meter long
  • Ozone Resistant
  • Leak-Proof
  • Strong Grip

3. Olrada Reinforced Steel Wire Lpg Hose-Gas Pipe with Clamp (3m) (ISI Marked)

Please note that this gas pipe can only be used with LPG. It cannot be used with PNG. This gas pipe is not designed for high-pressure use, never use it with a PNG connection.

Olrada Reinforced Steel Wire Lpg Hose-Gas Pipe with Clamp (3m)

It’s perfect to be used with LPG cylinders. It is heat resistant and provides ample safety for regular cooking needs.

Key Features

  • Cannot be used with High-Pressure Regulators
  • Steel Reinforced
  • Rat Proof
  • Ozone and abrasion-proof
  • Strong grip comes with 2 clamps

4. Sunflame LPG Rubber Hose Pipe, ISI Certified, Steel Wire Reinforced, 1.5-Meter Long, Orange

One of the best Flexi gas hose you can buy for your kitchen. It comes in a bright orange color that makes it easier to spot. One of the most loved gas pipes in India.

Sunflame LPG Rubber Hose Pipe, ISI Certified, Steel Wire Reinforced

This hose comes in a very safe and sealed branded packaging. Making it even more suitable to be bought instantly. You can be sure that the product has reached you without tampering.

Key Features

  • Bright orange color
  • Rodent proof design
  • Ozone resistant
  • Comes in a secure package

5. BMB Captain King LPG Gas Pipe with ISI and ISO Certified-2 Meter, Steel Reinforced Rubber Gas Pipe

This is the real king of gas pipes. It is an ISI and ISO Certified OLPG Hose Flexible Gas Pipe that comes with a whopping 5-year guarantee. It’s the best gas pipe you can buy for your kitchen.

BMB Captain King LPG Gas Pipe with ISI and ISO Certified-2 Meter, Steel Reinforced Rubber Gas Pipe

The 5-year warranty that comes with gas pipe is just one of the features that will make you buy this product. There are many other things that also make it the king of gas pipes.

Key Features

  • 5-year warranty
  • Rodent Proof
  • Steel reinforce
  • High-quality rubber
  • Leak-Proof
  • Comes with 2 clamps
Choosing the right gas pipe for your gas stove should not be taken lightly. Poor gas pipes can lead to gas leakage and even fire. Choose your gas pipes carefully.